SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro Edition Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅27-05-12
Packaging & First look

Classic Steelseries packaging

The box is of very similar design to other SteelSeries mice that we have reviewed, and is informative, but not over the top. There is a clear window that allows you to see the mouse before you buy if you’re buying in the non-virtual world. This is especially useful due to the colour choices that Steelseries now offer in many of their mice and it also allows you to gauge the size and shape, something very personal. Here we have the special edition black version, which sports a piano black finish on the topmost part of the mouse. We’ll certainly be looking into the consequences of that later. On the rear side of the box (not pictured), there is basic information about the mouse in a variety of languages.

A very basic bundle

The Kinzu V2 is shipped with the bare essentials. No stickers, travel bags, adapters, spare feet etc. You get the mouse and a quick start guide, which, although meagre, is actually more than enough (who reads quick start guides for a mouse anyway?). The mouse is touted as plug and play, so no specific drivers are required to get going. Steelseries have concentrated on what’s important here and more than likely have kept the price on the reasonable side of £35 by not bundling any accessories. This is a smart move that continues their credibility as a provider of peripherals to top-class gamers. As per the Steelseries website – ‘No Frills, just kills.’

You can also see that the mouse comes with a braided cable as standard. I have to say, originally braided cables seemed like a nifty idea and they certainly look the part, but on a mouse it can create problems. Using an optical sensor, many will partner the Kinzu V2 with a cloth mouse pad. In this situation, you will find that the cable offers more resistance against movement across the pad than a traditional plastic shielded cable. I’m very aware that this is a feature that most who look at gaming mice want as it makes them a little more special, but I think the impact on performance is negative and the inclusion with the Kinzu V2 is a move by Steelseries that seems to go against their design ethos. Perhaps this was a sacrifice that was made to improve appearance and sales but I can only assume that it must have been something demanded by the gaming community without perhaps thinking of the consequences. The one advantage is that it doesn’t tangle easily, but that is never a problem I’ve had with mice cables before. The total length is a fairly generous 2 meters.

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