SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro Edition Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅27-05-12

This isnít the first Steelseries product weíve reviewed here at Vortez, and I certainly hope not the last, as if I can say one thing thatís common to all, itís that the design ethos remains true throughout their product range and Steelseries stay focussed on delivering the best peripherals for gamers that they can. As for the Kinzu V2, I was very much hoping that it would build on the Kinzu and stay true to its roots, as that was indeed a great product. The final result is not so clear however.

Thereís a lot to like here if you play FPS games Ė a lightweight mouse with a top-quality optical sensor that provides pinpoint accuracy to gamers of all calibres. The ambidextrous design is all-inclusive and quality is way up there with some of the best offerings in the whole market. High quality switches add to this experience.

However, I did have some issues with the braided cable in general (not just the Kinzu) as it creates friction and the slight sharp edge on one side of this particular mouse. In addition to that, not everyone will enjoy the very light weight and I donít think many at all will be able to game in long sessions with such a shiny top surface to the mouse, which lacks the grip really required despite the side sections. Also, after the original Kinzu delivering much of the same in an almost identical fashion, Iím finding it difficult to justify what is around a 50% increase in purchase price. This elevates the Kinzu V2 into a slighter higher band of gaming mouse occupied by more feature-rich alternatives, not to mention leaving the (also) optical and ever-solid £25 Logitech G400 far behind in price.

In summary, the Kinzu V2 is a solid gaming mouse that has kills in its very DNA. Quality and presentation are near perfect. However, in extended sessions and as an everyday tool, itís not as versatile as one would hope for the price tag and it doesnít deliver enough advantages over its predecessor for the new additions to be worthwhile. If youíre planning to compete and use your PC primarily for online FPS, then I can think of few better mice at this price point. If you want an all-rounder, your money may be better elsewhere.

+Reliable and precise optical sensor
+Good overall build quality
+Ambidextrous design
+Ideal for FPS

-Short on features and accessories
-May be too small and light for some
-Sharp edge
-A little too expensive

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