SteelSeries Rival 100 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-11-15

The Rival 100, from its first moments in our hands, to the end of each gaming session was a joy to use. The SteelSeries Engine 3 is a great bit of supporting software that allows easy setup and customisation of the mouse. In-game performance, specifically in competitive FPSs such as CS:GO is gloriously good. When you consider that the Rival 100 is hitting UK shops at around 30, it is practically a steal. The ergonomics allows for comfortable claw and finger grip, though some may find it a little small for those who prefer a palm grip.

The packaging of the Rival 100 is 'lite' and didn't even spew out a case sticker as we see with most products, but that just emphasises that it is raw performance, high value product that was not made to mess around. Some may prefer the side buttons to be a little larger, some may prefer a braided cable, fancier lighting and telepathic connection, though all these things (which currently exist) are niceties that bump up the price for no real reason other than 'aesthetic preference'. SteelSeries have clearly put a lot of thought into refining the Rival 100 and the end result reflects that. Unless you want a pricer poly-input MMO mouse, this will happily cater for gamers of any level and should only be overlooked by those who want a large mouse; even then I would recommend considering this one too.

SteelSeries deserve high praise for the Rival 100 which has dropped into the gaming world like the Tsar Bomba. Its pro level features and no compromise design sets the benchmark at this price point.

+ Comfortable for various grips
+ Custom S3059-SS sensor for true 1:1 raw input
+ Low lift off distance
+ Zero hardware acceleration
+ Customisable illumination and buttons
+ Price

- None

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