SteelSeries Rival 650 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅19-03-19
Packaging & First Look
The front of the box is a familiar sight to anyone familiar with SteelSeries products with it sporting their familiar white, orange and black colour scheme. Adorning the box is a top down shot of the mouse showing where the additional weights can be added.

Turning the box clock-wise and we're given a list of the box's contents & a list of features that compliment the Rival 650.

Giving the back of the box our attention and we're rewarded with a more candid shot of the mouse, showing exactly where the 4g weights can be inserted, along with 3 of the Rival 650's unique selling points.

Looking to the left hand side of the box and there isn't much here apart from a shot of the mouse in all it's RGB lit glory.

Opening up the outer box and we're welcomed by a black box with an inspirational quote on it.

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