SteelSeries Rival 650 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅19-03-19
Closer Look
Within the inner black box we get our first look at the Rival 650 & the accompanying user manual.

Unlike the Rival 710. You only get 1 USB cable with the Rival 650, however this is not much of an issue as you will only be using it for emergencies or charging the mouse when not in use. The other call out for the cable is that it also doubles as an extension lead for the wireless adapter. You also receive a nice little rubberised case for the additional weights which is great if you're prone to misplacing things.

Turning our focus to the mouse and from the front you can get a closer look at the ergonomic design of the Rival 650, this is one of the most comfortable mice we have used in recent times. This view is also best suited to see the RGB as well, there are 8 zones total, the SteelSeries logo is the first, the scroll wheel is the second and the 2 strips between the black & gray plastic are split into 3 zones each.

Turning the mouse round to look at the right hand side and we can see 3 of the 7 programmable buttons, we found that the one furthest away from you was rather difficult to reach without taking your hand off the mouse and moving it forward.

Looking from the back of the mouse we're welcomed by the scroll wheel, which has grooves cut into it to aide with grip. We can also just see the Micro-USB port peaking out from underneath the scroll wheel.

Looking at the left hand side and we can see that SteelSeries have decided to split the grip aiding which we found quite naturally with our third and fourth finger respectively.

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