SteelSeries Rival 700 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅21-08-16
Closer Look

The top down view shows off the pear shaped ergonomics, revealing that it won't be ambidextrous. You can clearly see that the main buttons are independent from the rear section.

The front shows a wide rubberised mouse wheel with a DPI toggle button set behind it. There is a small gap at the bottom where the cables feed through to connect.

The business side looks rather sleek and well laid out. On the left is the OLED screen, then there is a large front button that could potentially be used as a sniper button, followed by the two forward/back buttons. The little orange bumps are a tactile reference for your thumb indicating the centre between the forward/back buttons. The rest of the side is set in a rubberised coating for grip.

At the back we get the view of the SteelSeries logo, as well as the removable nameplate. You can download the 3D file to create and print your own custom nameplate.

The right side of the mouse is mostly ergonomic shaping that is covered with textured rubber grip.

Powered up, we upload a fun animated gif.

The sensor is positioned more towards the rear of the mouse. There are 4 screws to remove should you wish to swap out the sensor module. There is a large slip pad at the rear and two smaller ones at the front as well as a small lever to help remove the cable once it is installed.

The sensor module is easy to remove, remove the screws and pull out, then plug back in, reinsert screws.

The rear shell pops off and can be replaced, it is easier to do this once you have removed the rear nameplate.

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