SteelSeries Rival 710 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅11-03-19
Coming in at 99.99, the Rival 710 is even more of a must purchase mouse than the Rival 700. We would like to see a version that omits the OLED display as this would drive the price down even further, and it doesn't really add anything functional to the mouse.

In games as well as general use the Rival 710 is one of the most comfortable mice we have used in recent times, it's suited to any grip style once you get used to it's weight and even though it's on the heavy side we didn't notice any strain or fatigue in our wrists, even in gaming sessions spanning multiple hours.

The tactile click that you get from the buttons on the mouse is second to none and really helps hammer home how great the build quality of the Rival 710 is.

If you're looking for a deviation from the formula that SteelSeries created with the Rival 700 we would not recommend this mouse to you as not a lot has changed, but when you've got a winning formula, and make no doubts about it SteelSeries does here, why change it?

The SteelSeries Rival 710 replaces the Rival 700 in Steelseries' mouse line up, so if you missed it the first time round we would highly recommend giving it a try now as it is a great buy at 79.99

+Excellent build quality
+Customisability options
+Tactile alerts

-OLED Display
-Maximum 2 DPI settings to switch between

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