SteelSeries Rival Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅04-06-14
Packaging & First Look

The packaging of the drive is typical of SteelSeries. Minimalist yet sturdy and attractive, the cardboard box has a matt finish upon which there is a glossy picture of the mouse itself.

Flipping the box over we find SteelSeries have left no stone unturned with all of the major features explained in full.

I nice addition to the packaging is the moulded window which allows the user to get a feel for the shape of the mouse.

The accessories, or rather lack of them, include just a single insert. SteelSeries tell us that these inserts can be made via a 3D printer to personalise the mouse. Sadly, we do not have a 3D printer to hand to show you this but should you have such a luxury, developing such an item would not likely make you stand out from the crowd given that your likely to have your palm covering the backend of the mouse where the insert neatly slots into place.

The mouse itself will be very familiar to those who have held a SteelSeries gaming mouse before as it carries the same low profile shape. I have big hands and this mouse still felt comfortable to use. The mouse is however omni-dextrous with bias towards right handers.

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