SteelSeries Rival Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅04-06-14

Upon installing the SteelSeries Software we were asked to 'add items'. The single piece of software will pick up all compatible SteelSeries peripherals such as mice, keyboards and headsets and allow them to be configured through one control panel which we thought was pretty neat. After adding our Rival mouse we were greeted with the above window asking us to update the firmware which after agreeing, the firmware was installed and flashed within seconds.

The main screen is well laid out and very easy to follow. To the left is the list of mouse buttons available which can be configured for any function along with assigning macros. To the right we see two dials allowing both CPI (DPI) settings to be adjusted to our preference.

Perhaps the most fun aspect of the configuration was playing around with the massive amount of colour schemes. Both the logo and mouse wheel can be configured independently to any colour you can think of. If that were not enough, you can set the intensity, 'breath' function (pulsing) and speed of pulse too.

Adding to the above there is a set of predefined colour changers which the mouse wheel and/or logo will cycle through if you want a little randomness in your life. The SteelSeries Rival has to be up there with one of the most colour configurable mice there is!

While it was fun messing with the variety of colour schemes, it is important to note that SteelSeries have not overlooked the more serious aspect of mouse control configuration. Sensitivity can be adjusting from 50CPI up to 6500 CPI! Mouse acceleration/deceleration, angle snapping and polling rate are also highly configurable to ensure that your new mouse feels exactly right.

If your keyboard doesn't have a macro facility, fear not because with the Rival your favourite macro setting is right at your fingertips. Once created (which is very easy), the macro can be assigned to any configurable mouse button.

As well as saving your own profiles, the mouse can be set to load a profile whenever a game or executable is loaded. Fancy a red colour scheme with Crysis or perhaps a dash of orange for BF4? Need to slow down the sensitivity for some RTS? Whatever your preference the Rival allows you to do it and then some!

Overall, the SteelSeries Engine 3 is an excellent piece of software which is limited only by your imagination.

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