SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅19-08-14

Sensei Wireless adopts the motto: “Ditch the wires, keep the performance.” And this bold statement is certainly very true.

There is a reason why the original Sensei and RAW edition are so popular and it’s because of the simplistic design, high-performance features and intuitive software. Fans can now enjoy the delights of such a mouse without the hassle of having to have a cable attached and SteelSeries have actually gone one step further with Sensei Wireless by providing flexibility in this particular department – because of the design you can opt to use the mouse wired or wireless, the choice if yours.

It isn’t especially difficult nowadays to engineer a product with good features but refining the software suit is often where companies fall short. Fine tuning the hardware and software for a product is the ‘Pièce de résistance’ – it’s the icing on the cake. Sensei Wireless comes equipped with a plethora of notable features – 8200 CPI laser sensor (Pixart ADNS 9800), 30M clicks, 1MS response and of course the delightful Engine3 software. SteelSeries manage to deliver on both these elements and they do it well.

Not only can you customise the numerous buttons with commands and macros and modify options such as the lift off, but the LED configuration allows for a 16.8M colour alteration so that you can adjust things to how you want them.

Sensei Wireless performed excellently in the different games we tested as well as around the Windows environment for general usage such as web browsing. We encountered no issues with lag or traction and we even enjoyed up to 18 hours of operation too.

The price is surely where most consumers will probably gasp. At a cost of £130 GBP / $150 USD, Sensei Wireless is among the most expensive gaming mice we have tested, but it does pack in an extensive list of features, some of which push this mouse into a different calibre and indeed territory.

Sensei Wireless changes the negative vibe looming over cable-less gaming peripherals and it also brings flexibility directly into the hand of the gamer.

+ Simple & elegant
+ Option to use as wireless or wired
+ Metal charging dock
+ Lots of options to tweak
+ LED customisation – 16.8M colours
+ Excellent performance
+ Easy to use software

- Expensive

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