SteelSeries Siberia 200 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅01-11-15
Closer Look

Coming on top, the SteelSeries branding clearly seen on the headband.

Return of the suspension headband, the Siberia 200 has a lighter and thinner headband than seen on the V2.

From the side, the design is near identical to the V2 Siberia, including use of the same components.

One of the most notable changes is that the earcup has made concessions to make the Siberia 200 more of a 'semi-open' headset compared to the previous models, allowing air to breath between the drivers. This should allow a more natural open soundscape compared to closed headset designs.

The earcup size seems to be the same as the Siberia V2 (unfortunately I don't have a set to hand to do a direct comparison) this is slightly disappointing as I found that, though the padding is soft, the Siberia V2 had earcups that weren't quite big enough for a true 'circumaural' comfort.

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