SteelSeries Siberia 200 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅01-11-15

Our experience with the Siberia 200 was highly positive, and is a separate headset from the V2 in its own right. Available in 7 colours and can be had for just 59/$79 will tick the comfort, quality and price boxes. The audio is fantastic offering deep, warm bass and excellent clarity making games an exciting experience while music playback is a pleasure.

There is a lot to discuss and compare between the 200, V2 and V3 which may spark a lot of debate. People like to think that when they purchase something of good quality that it will last a reasonably long time. Considering how dedicated some gamers can be, they may find that if their product is of low quality, it may age rather quickly. This is something that can be observed when using protein or PU leather which can flake away and leave your earcups and/or headband looking tatty and unattractive. The V2 being a tried and tested model was often described by some as a 'tank' in regards to how robust it is and was likely one of the primary reasons many wanted the V2 to return. Yet SteelSeries in their quest to improve the comfort of their Siberia headsets seemed to have missed that point. The Siberia 200 is lighter than the V2 but its comfort is about the same as the V2 which renders the weight loss/robustness compromise negligible. This introduces a question about the longevity of the Siberia 200 similar to that faced by the V3.

To really put a perspective on these criticisms you must first realise that the headsets we are comparing, the V2, V3 and 200 are all part of a highly renowned series. This primary similarities are in the impressive audio and comfort, but where things change is in the build quality. The 200 on paper sets out to mash the V2 and V3 together but in principle appears to fall short of what it set out to do. This may lead fans of the V2 to have an attitude that 'The Siberia 200 is the V2, but ****', while the attempt to make a V2 headset as comfortable as the V3 simply did not work.

Rounding up the Siberia 200 on its own merits, you get a comfortable, great sounding gaming headset at a very competitive price. There are many good gaming headsets around at this price point but simply by default of being a 'Siberia' the 200 is a strong contender for that top spot.

The SteelSeries Siberia 200 is a fantastic gaming headset infused with the Siberia Legacy.

+ Lighter than the V2
+ Great gaming audio
+ Comfortable
+ Well Priced

- No real improvement
- Not as robust as the V2?
- Not as comfortable as the V3

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