SteelSeries Siberia 840 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-06-17
The Siberia 840 sounds awesome, and the drivers respond very well to EQ adjustments. By default the mid range is a little dipped, but it is fairly easy to balance things out to create a pleasing, high-grade audio experience. The Dolby v7.1 rendering produced a decently level of spatial awareness, at least notably better than we experienced with the Arctis 7. Though, the greatest asset to the audio quality of these headsets is down to the drivers SteelSeries implement as they always respond incredibly well to custom EQ balancing, enabling everyone to get that audio characteristic they prefer.

The main appeal of the Siberia 840 will be its versatility, and if you gave on many difference platforms, you will find that this is the ultimate gaming headset for you. Its compatibility easily exceeds that of any other wireless headset we have experienced to date as it caters for pretty much everything in some way. Though, we did note the lack of something that would have simply made it the ultimate headset, and that is a direct 4pole connection. Sure, this would go against the wireless nature of the headset, but it would have expanded its versatility in regards to direct connection to the Xbox One and PS4 controllers, freeing up the connectivity of the transmitter. Despite that, there is a lot of flexibility in what is available on the transmitter box, along with the impressive array of bundled cables; it is a shame that no storage case is included with it.

It is hard to deny that the Siberia 840 headset is an incredibly good wireless gaming headset. Though, we would argue that at this price, it seems largely punitive considering you can currently get the Siberia 800 (the original H Wireless) for 50-70 cheaper, that is a lot of money for added 'Bluetooth' and 'SSE3 support'. Then we have to consider the actual headset design. We could argue that a large part of the value is inside the transmitter box, however, most of the end users interaction happens with the headset itself, and compared to the Arctis 7 (which is half the price), the Siberia 840 seems a little tired. We feel that the Siberia 840 simply isn't as comfortable as other options, and the lack of that awesome 'ClearCast' microphone is disappointing.

The Siberia 840 is the most versatile gaming headset we have yet experienced. Those looking for a genuine do-it-all wireless headset can be sure that this will fulfil all your needs.

+ Good quality construction
+ Clear, precise audio (responds well to EQ)
+ Incredibly versatile USB, Optical in/out, and analogue connections inputs
+ Low latency wireless connectivity
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ Can mix various audio sources
+ Onboard controls
+ Audio-share port
+ Easy to use GUI (both via OLED and SSE3 software)
+ 2x 1000mAh rechargeable batteries
+ Dolby Digital/Pro logic II
+ LED mute indicator
+ Lot of bundled accessories
+ Compatible with SteelSeries Engine 3

- Price
- No direct 4pole connection
- Clamping force is a little tight
- Microphone could be better

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