SteelSeries Siberia Raw Prism Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅21-01-15
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
USB setup is fairly simple and the Siberia Prism Raw works reasonably well via Plug n' Play, though it is recommended that you download the SteelSeries Engine 3 to get the best performance out of it as well as access the customisation options. The sound resolution is restricted to 16 bit 48 MHz, which is fairly standard for USB headsets at this price point.

On wearing the Siberia Raw Prism, the comfort level is very good, aided by the lightweight design. The earcups completely encircled my ears without problem and the material was very airy. There was a fair amount of sound leakage, but considering this is a USB headset it is unlikely to cause any disruption. The plastic construct is fairly solid and is flexible in areas of concern, though movement and bendability is fairly constrained as it is not foldable. A point worth noting is the potential for the adjustable strap to wear over time, which may cause slipping in size adjustment, however, in a stable environment, this shouldn't pose much of a threat.

The lighting is solid and vivid and bright and reproduces all colours, from rainbow to white, bright and clear with noticeable improvement over some products in the green/blue area, where some other products can struggle.

Another thing to note is, that the cable is 'only' 1.5m long, which may not be long enough if you plan on having it plugged in around the back into your primary system USB ports and we feel that 2m may have been more ideal. Though, it is a shame that we do not see a removable cable.

Listening to some bassy music, we get a very balanced feel with the Siberia Prism Raw, the bass is punchy and powerful, but not overbearing. Due to the lightweight nature of the drivers, there is a slight lack in impact, which some may be looking for. The mids and highs were clear and bright, giving a very enjoyable listening experience. Turning the volume up to max there is little/no perceived distortion, however, the top volume seems fairly restricted and some may prefer something a little louder.

In gaming the Siberia Raw Prism shines again, giving some crisp details and booming explosions. So in audio quality, the Siberia really is impressive.

The microphone itself gives sign of its 'Siberia origin', picking up vibrations and allowing those you are talking with to hear anything you happen to be listening to. This is slightly cut out by using the microphone optimsation, and after experimenting a little, it is best to leave the microphone sensitivity at a very low level allowing it to adjust itself. At literally 4 (YES 4) in the windows microphone properties, the microphone was said to sound fairly reasonable and clear with little interference though did still pick up background noises such as typing and mouse clicks. So functional but could be improved upon.

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