SteelSeries Siberia Raw Prism Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅21-01-15

The Siberia Raw Prism comes out swinging with great sound quality, comfort and attractive design. It is easy to setup and the customisable LED feature offers a distinct characteristic many will enjoy.

There are various considerations that make the Siberia Raw Prism seem fairly incomplete that are worth mentioning, aside the microphone which is the single weakest aspect of the Siberia Raw Prism. There are various other things to consider too, such the relatively short, non modular, non anti-tangle or braided cable, the relatively low max volume, non folding/ no carry case as well as general bundle. This is exacerbated by the price point of €59.99/$59.99, which doesn't appear to have translated well in the UK. Directly converting to approximately £46 GBP, you will be lucky to find it available for less than a total of £50 including delivery. This is breaking above the entry threshold that the Siberia seemingly appeals to and though the comfort and sound quality are great, it doesn't come in hard enough when considering the competition. Though that does not detract from the Siberia Raw Prisms own appeal and charm, being of the few offering full RGB LED customisation at this price point.

Baring all that in mind, SteelSeries have a very likable audio solution with the Siberia Raw Prism. It is unique enough to stand on its own. If you require a higher quality microphone, this may disappoint a little and there are alternatives that may suit you better. So on reading this, if the downsides do not seem like a big deal, you will be glad that the Siberia Raw Prism lives up to the 'Raw' definition, with all the essentials performing strongly and will come well recommended.

The Siberia Raw Prism offers excellent sound quality and comfort; the added touch of customisable lighting allows you to further define the sleek aesthetic.

+ Attractive Aesthetic
+ Customisable LED lighting
+ Good quality audio
+ Comfortable and light

+- Pricing

- Poor microphone
- Low overall volume
- Non-modular cables

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