SteelSeries Siberia V3 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-10-14

The Siberia V3 takes its place in the SteelSeries stable and is sure to be a hit with gamers. The smooth bass with clear mids and highs supported by a wide soundstage delivers a natural sounding audio in games, transporting you into that world, whether it is slow and peaceful or frantic and explosive, the Siberia V3 didn't miss a beat. Improving upon the V2, the comfort of the V3 is quite staggering, even after long hours I experienced no fatigue, discomfort or any overheating of the head and ears. The lightweight V3 and its memory foam padding make for one of the most comfortable headsets I have used.

Everything about the V3 is distinctly 'Siberia', the aethetic is stylish and modern yet the construct and comfort has been noticeably improved over the V2. There are various oversights to consider, such as not being fully modular or the other distinctly 'Siberia' feature of the sound leaking to the retractable microphone. It is, understandably, difficult to isolate the microphone from the vibrations of the drivers considering the placement. This results in the people who you may be talking with to be able to hear anything you may be playing/watching at the same time. However, I found that employing noise reduction features on my soundcard blocked this completely. I think the primary concern to mention is that some may find it a little too bass centric. To discuss this further, some will find that there is little bass 'impact', instead the bass is more of a thick, warm ooze that washes in and out without being muddy, which is quite a feat. However, if you listen to a lot of music you will find that the bass can turn everything into something quite repetitive and monotone. Even though the bass is distinct and precise, over time your ears just get accustomed to it, and it makes everything just 'WUUUMMM'. The audio quality compared to some competition, doesn't quite take the huge step one could expect, making it feel like the V3 obsessed too much about wading its feet in gloopy bass rather than offering a more clear and balanced performance; if it did that, it could potentially be too perfect.

In consideration to the price segment, the market for gaming headsets has become fraught with 'mediocrity', compromise or plain outlandish solutions to what should be simple. There are a few shining examples of things well done, to which the construction, comfort and refinement of the Siberia V3 certainly stands out. All things considered, the Siberia V3 has a lot to like and will make many gamers happy.

The Siberia V3 takes everything we love about the V2 and refines them almost to perfection. Gamers will lose track of their sessions due to the ridiculously comfortable design and they may fall in love with the natural warm sounding audio.

+ Warm natural sounding audio
+ Excellent immersion in game
+ Very light
+ Very comfortable
+ Quality construction

- Some may find the bass overpowering
- Noise leakage to the microphone

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