SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB Review

👤by Flash Comments 📅30-09-11

Overall, the Steelseries 7XB is a solid product; however there are a few glaring omissions to its feature set. First of all, the lack of a rechargeable battery is a strange choice, especially considering the headset’s high price point. Also, the lack of microphone support when connected to a PC seems like a bit of a waste. On the plus side, the audio is clear and consistent over a wide frequency range and the headset is styled appealingly. The range on the wireless receiver is good.

The Steelseries 7XB is a high quality product for Xbox gaming, but lacks in other areas. The ridiculous price point limits the appeal for your average consumer, and there are better options available to audiophiles. Considering these points, there is little improvement over the previous models in Steelseries’ range; the additional features are appealing on paper but do not warrant the headset’s price.

If you’re looking for a PC headset, look at the 7H. Xbox gaming? Not the 7XB - the price just cannot justify the features, however, if you’re looking for Xbox gaming, occasional PC use and have deep pockets, the 7XB could be for you.

Whilst we enjoyed testing out this headset across both platforms, from a practical point of view it is very difficult to see any improvement over the other editions. With all this in mind, the 7XB just scrapes a silver award, purely because of the 7XB’s wireless capabilities and better audio quality (using ExactSND).

+ Style
+ Quality
+ Audio quality on Xbox and PC
+ Different volume levels
+ On the fly changes to tone range

- Uncomfortable for some
- Expensive
- Cannot use mic on PC

Big thanks to SteelSeries for sponsoring us with the 7XB and for their patience.

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