SteelSeries Stratus XL - Windows & Android Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅29-10-15

The SteelSeries Stratus XL for Windows and Android is a major contender for those looking for a seriously good quality controller that isn't a Microsoft controller. It has the advantage of being compatible with Android devices and is wireless via Bluetooth out the box.

It is worth remembering that it can also be used wired, though its a shame that it isn't fitted with a rechargeable battery as standard. Many people may not choose the SteelSeries Stratus over a Conventional XBox 360/One controller, however, when compared to the XBone controller, considering the extra 20 required to be used wirelessly with a Windows PC, the Stratus XL proves to be better value.

There are some features missing when compared to the XBone controller such as vibration and haptic feedback in the triggers, a feature that many gamers love. The Stratus XL still has its appeal, and will attract those specifically looking for a controller with the comfortable ergonomics of the XBox pad but with the layout of the DualShock pad, something that many may have desired for a long time. Though there have been others to attempt this combination previously, most have failed miserably. SteelSeries are certainly a brand trusted for high quality products and the Stratus XL for Windows and Android continues to uphold that trust. Though not quite perfect, as no controller is for every scenario, the differences that the Stratus XL offers is enough, and if you love this layout, the quality will not disappoint.

Unlike many third party controllers, SteelSeries have made a top quality, console like controller which is a genuinely viable option for any serious gamer looking for something outside the existing status quo of the console brands.

+ Pressure sensitive buttons, analogue triggers
+ Very comfortable in the hand
+ Alternative D-Pad position (compared to MS controllers)
+ Long battery life
+ Can be used wired or via Bluetooth
+ Windows 7+ and Android compatibility
+ Competitively priced

- Squishy triggers w/out mechanical stop or tactile feedback
- No mechanical switches
- No vibration/ haptic feedback

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