Streaming & Gaming PC Guide - Everything You Need In 2018

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Optional Extras

Now we look at the extra bits of kit that aren’t 100% needed, but they do go a long way to help improve your stream. They may not offer extra gaming performance or increase the smoothness of your stream, but they will help make those little extra details that bit better.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 2


£159.98 (
$195 ( US)

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 2 is a capture card that enables you to record your gameplay without having any impact on your system. It features a 4K60p pass-through that enables you to game at resolutions up to 4K while streaming at 1080p60. It also has ultra-low latency that allows you to capture your footage in an uncompressed format, that isn't all as the bundled software can perform audio mixing, set up a multistream and so much more. You can read our review here for more information.

Elgato Stream Deck


£129.99 ( UK)
$139.95 ( US)

The Elgato Stream Deck is quite new but is already becoming popular among streamers. It features 15 LCD keys that are fully customisable with different icons and actions. This is great as you’d no longer need to memorise or map keyboard shortcuts. Also with the stream deck, you can launch media, adjust your audio and so much more. Plus it will work with all the big streaming applications such as OBS and XSplit.

2.0 Speakers - Logitech Z200, Creative Inspire T10, Creative T15W


Low Tier - Logitech Z200
£24.98 ( UK)
$25.96 ( US)

Mid Tier - Creative Inspire T10
£39.99 ( UK)
$44.99 ( US)

High Tier - Creative T15W
£66.62 ( UK)
$52.65 ( US)

You may have noticed that speakers have been absent from this list thus far. This is because speakers aren’t a needed item, as such. Technically you can get away with just using a headset for your audio. However, we recognise that sometimes you don’t want to use a headset and would, therefore, require some dedicated speakers. Each of our selections for this list we will offer you varying levels of audio quality, but, each of them will offer good sound quality for their relative prices. The Z200 deliver 10W of peak power and surprisingly good bass for their small stature. They also have dedicated volume control, headphone port and a port to use an external audio source. The Creative T10 may only have the same peak output as the Z200, but they offer stronger bass and a cleaner treble. Plus with the built-in controls at the front, you can easily adjust the sound without delving into your PC settings. The T15W from Creative opts for a similar configuration to the T10 but adds Bluetooth connectivity and improved drivers for better overall sound.

If you have the room and extra budget, we’d suggest looking at something like the Edifier R1280DB. They cost £119 and offer sound that the other 2.0 on this list simply can’t match. If you want something a bit a fancier, then the Edifier LUNA Eclipse or Razer Nommo would be our picks.

2.1 Speakers - Creative A250, Logitech Z333, Logitech Z533


Low Tier - Creative A250
£27.97 ( UK)
$29.99 ( US)

Mid Tier - Logitech Z333
£49.99 ( UK)
$59.99 ( US)

High Tier - Logitech Z533
£73.99 ( UK)
$126.99 ( US)

If you want that bit better gaming experience than what a 2.0 setup can offer, then a 2.1 is what you want. A 2.1 makes use of a 2.0 setup but with an added sub for extra bass. These do take up more room, so bear that in mind. The Creative A250 is a solid choice for those on a tighter budget, it still offers great sound but doesn’t have as many features as the more expensive offerings on the list. The Z333 takes it up a notch and adds more power with a peak of 80W (40W RMS), strong bass is on offer to thanks to the 5” front firing sub. Another great feature of the Z333 is the control dial, this not only allows you to easily control the master volume, but it also has a built-in headphone port. The Z533 from Logitech uses a similar control dial to the Z333 but increases the peak power to 120W (60W RMS) for that bit extra potency. If you've got more cash to spend, and want to add RGB to the mix as well as even more power, then the Logitech G560 might just be what you’re after. It is expensive coming in at £209.00 in the UK and $199.00 in the US, but it offers lovely RGB lighting and a massive peak power of 240W (120W RMS). You can read our review if you’d like to see how it performs.

Green Screen - Neewer 700W Pro lighting Kit, AbeStudio Backdrop


Neewer Pro Lighting
£52.99 ( UK)
$70.97 ( US)

£34.99 ( UK)
Alternative Product $69.99 ( US)

If you plan on making use of a green screen for your stream then you’ll need good lighting and a solid backdrop. Our selections will give you good results without costing too much. A green screen can be a good-looking addition to your stream as you can eliminate your background and have the gameplay directly behind you, this can create a more immersive experience. Of course, a green screen isn’t for everyone, and again isn’t classed as a must have, but if you do want to utilise one, this setup will allow you to do so.

Desk Light - AUKEY LED (UK), TaoTronics TT-DL029 (US)


£19.99 ( UK)

TaoTronics TT-DL029
$29.99 ( US)

Lighting is important, not just as it’ll give you that bit more light for your webcam, but also for your eyes. Sitting a PC for hours on end can cause a lot of eye strain, and a good desk light can help reduce that a little bit. The AUKEY is one I’ve used personally, and it works great. It has an adjustable swivel head, a single USB port for charging your devices, 5 different colour temps and 7 levels of brightness. TheTaoTronics is a close equivalent to the AUKEY and offers the same range of colour temps but only makes use of 5 different brightness levels. That is still plenty to illuminate your desk if you plan on streaming in the evenings.

Monitor Mounts - Duronic DM252 (UK), VIVO Dual (US)


£24.99 ( UK)

$29.99 ( US)

Although monitor mounts aren’t needed, they can make a big difference if you’re short on desk space. The ones selected here, are for if you’ve opted for a dual monitor setup, which is something we’d advise to make streaming that bit easier for you. The Duronic can hold monitors up to 8kg and is compatible with both VESA 75 and VESA 100. It uses fully adjustable arms and even has hooks for routing your cables. The VIVO is essentially the same as the Duronic but rated to carry 9kg. Both use a heavy duty C-clamp to mount to your desk. The Duronic can support desks up to 63mm (2.4”), and the VIVO can support much thicker ones up to 4” (101.6mm). So keep this in mind when looking to purchase one.

*Note - All prices in the article are correct as of the article upload date. These prices do fluctuate meaning the parts cost could vary over time.

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