Streaming & Gaming PC Guide - Everything You Need In 2018

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Over the course of this complete guide, we’ve offered a comprehensive list of everything you would need to get setup and to start streaming. Outside of the hardware recommendations, the internet connection plays a key role in the operation of streaming. It is therefore advisable to verify the package you currently have with your ISP, checking whether it can sustain streaming activity at peak hours. While the download bandwidth will serve in obtaining the latest titles and their patches efficiently, the upload bandwidth is critical for streaming games and anything less than 1Mbps could present intermittent lag/buffering.

For our Low Tier build, we did opt to go for CPUs that were a bit more expensive than what you’d usually find in a lower end system, and one of the reasons for this is because of future proofing. If you skimp on core components like the CPU, then it could become an issue down the line. We have designed this list to make sure that you are set for the near future. Another reason we opted to go for higher end parts is due to trends. Now games like Fortnite and Overwatch may not be as popular in the future as they are right now and no-one can predict when gamers will start to lose interest. We’re not saying that this will happen anytime soon, but you never know. So, our idea was to part out the Low Tier system with components that could cope with more demanding titles as well as the games we mentioned in the introduction. This way, if games like we mentioned previously do suddenly become less popular, this system can adapt with you. For example, you could opt for a lower tier CPU that could stream Fortnite perfectly adequately but, what would happen if you wanted to stream something more demanding and your CPU couldn’t cope with the extra demand? That is why, we think it’s best to invest sensibly in the beginning, so you don’t have to spend more money on an upgrade further down the road. Now we’re not saying that you can’t upgrade, but it is better to get it right the first time.

Our Mid Tier and High Tier guides were designed a little bit differently. We wanted to offer parts that we believed would be great performers for their price points. The Mid Tier PC build did offer CPU choices that were usually reserved for higher end builds. This is due to us opting to select a mid-level CPU for the Low Tier guide. The reason behind that is explained, and we believe that we made the best choice given the huge scope of the streaming landscape. Our High Tier guide is quite typical of a high-end gaming system in 2018. It features the latest offerings from both Intel and AMD and would provide you with an excellent experience for gaming as well as streaming. We did opt to choose a 1080p monitor rather than a 1440p as sometimes down-scaling a 1440p monitor to 1080p does not always yield the best results. We did, however, recommend a 1440p monitor if you plan on gaming at higher resolutions outside of streaming.

Our accessories and peripherals choices were mainly based on items that we have tried and tested ourselves, and we are confident with every one of those selected. The ones we haven’t tested were selected based upon a lot of research and reading of relevant reviews. This way we could be sure that what we're recommending would be well suited to the task.

Total Costs Of The Setups

Low Tier Setup - AMD Based
UK £1,349.02
US $1,497.20

Low Tier Setup - Intel Based
UK £1,368.06
US $1,504.10

Mid Tier Setup - AMD Based
UK £1,927.39
US $2,226.96

Mid Tier Setup - Intel Based
UK £2,142.22
US $2,293.51

High Tier Setup - AMD Based
UK £2,754.98
US $2,955.78

High Tier Setup - Intel Based
UK £2,751.93
US $2,935.53

We want to mention that the total costs of the system may seem excessive, but you have to keep in mind that the total prices are for a full PC with an operating system as well as all the relevant accessories and peripherals you’d need for streaming. We also understand that you may already have parts on this list and don’t require the full setup, but, we approached this with a mindset of creating a guide that was designed for someone who was starting fresh. Also, this guide is free to build upon and adapt to your preference.

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