Sunbeamtech Tuniq Core Contact Freezer CPU Cooler Review

👤by Daniel Humble Comments 📅28-01-09
Up for review today is the Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer, a fairly standard looking cooler but with subtle design differences. Find out more in this review.

Sunbeamtech aren't perhaps a name that you've heard of much in the CPU cooling market yet as they are more noted for their cases. However as Tuniq is a subsidiary company of theirs this is an area that they have considerable expertise in and a solid reputation for products such as the Tuniq Tower.

Below is how Sunbeamtech describe the features of their product:

1. The Best CPU Cooler.
2. Core-Contact Technology
3. TX-2 Thermal Grease Included
4. 4 pcs High Performance 8mm U-shaped Heatpipes
5. Light Weight .(590g without the Fan)
6. Fan Controller Included
7. Easy Installation
8. Bent Fins Design Helps to Cool the Components on the Motherboard
9. Universal Clip Design

MFDB Fan Features:
1. Silent 120mm Fan MFDB ( Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
2. Ultra-Silent Low-Noise Level (16db)
3. Outstanding Long Life of 50,000 Hours

Price: 28-35

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