Synology DS212j NAS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-11-11
Packaging & Bundle

Synology have given the j series white packaging in order to identify it from the other model types. So our DS212j adopts this white packaging – listing some of its fundamental features on the front and more detail on the sides and back. As we’ve experienced with other Synology models, packaging is finely presented and much care has been put into this aspect of its production.

DS212j packaging is neat, tidy and professional

Inside, all of the items within the bundle are sectioned off in compartments via cardboard. The bundle consists of:

• Documentation – Quick start
• AC power pack/cables
• Network cable – CAT5
• Screws for attaching drives to HDD trays
• Installation CD – Guide, setup utility, data replicator 3

DS212j bundled accessories

Over the page we will examine the 212j unit itself. Looking at its internal and external make-up.

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