Synology DS213 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅29-08-12

Product on Review: Synology DS213
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Synology
Street Price: £250 (At time of review)

Yesterday Synology announced the DS213, their new 2-bay NAS for 2013. We have been impressed by Synology’s products in the past here at Vortez and today we are expecting to see another outstanding product.

The DS213 is of course the successor to the DS212 – If you aren’t familiar with Synology’s naming system. It’s very intuitive - Diskstation (DS) Number of bays (2) Year of production (12). The variable at the end of each of the product range such as + or j symbolise - Performance (+) Entry Level, storage focussed (j) or no symbol for a mixture of the both – performance and storage. So the unit that we are focussing on today is right in the middle of the entry level and performance models and can be deemed as a mainstream NAS solution specifically for workgroups and offices.

Synology on the DS213:
Synology DiskStation DS213 is a feature-rich 2-bay NAS server for workgroups and offices, specifically designed for users who need to share and protect data cost-effectively, while increasing productivity with comprehensive office applications.

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