Synology DS215j Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-11-14

Product on Review: DiskStation DS215j
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Synology
Street Price: £138 GBP / $200 USD

The end of the year is upon us and as is customary, Synology are on hand with their latest, 2015 edition NAS solutions. This week, Synology announced their new DS215j. The DS215j is a two-bay NAS which replaces the older DS213j. Very little has changed from an external standpoint but inside we now have the delights of a dual-core processor which should aid us when multi-tasking in the new DSM 5.1 software suite.

If you aren’t familiar with Synology’s naming system, it’s very intuitive - Diskstation (DS) represents the number of bays (2), the year of production (15). The variable at the end of each of the product range such as + or j symbolise - Performance (+) Entry Level, storage focussed (j) or no symbol for a mixture of the both – performance and storage. So the unit that we are focussing on today is designed for home and personal usage and thus comes with a lower-price tag too.

Synology on their DS215j
Designed for home and personal users, DS215j is a 2-bay NAS server featuring a dual-core CPU and rich features. Enjoy effortless data sharing and backup, multimedia streaming, and cloud synchronization without exceeding your budget.

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