Synology VS240HD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-04-13
Adding cameras to VS240HD

There are different ways to add the camera to the VS240HD – manually or by scanning. Before you add your cameras to the unit it’s important to note that with the default license which comes with a Synology NAS you can add two IP cameras but for each additional camera a license is required for a cost of £40 per license. This can be quite a costly venture should you require more than two cameras to be attached to the system – first of all there is the outlay for the actual cameras and then there is the setback of another £40 per camera.

To add a camera a Synology NAS is required along-side the VS240HD. The NAS needs to be connected to the network and Surveillance Station package within DSM needs to be installed too.

Scanning the network for a camera

Cameras can be located by scanning the network. This makes things much simpler – especially if you aren’t familiar with the model of camera or even the IP address. For those who are novice this option is probably a good route to take.

Cameras can be scanned and added

Manually adding a camera

The other option is to add the camera manually. For this method the IP address, port, brand, model and credentials are required. Although Surveillance Station supported a wide range of brands and models, it did not support our Tenvis IP cameras for some odd reason. If you are wanting to invest in this unit and have specific cameras in mind check Synology Camera Compatibility list.

Manually adding a camera

Setting specific settings

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