Team Group Xtreem LV 8GB 2400MHz DDR3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-06-12

Team Group may not currently be the most common choice for the enthusiast but todayís review has demonstrated that they should not be underestimated.

Itís true to say that there are countless 1600MHz kits available to purchase for Sandy/Ivy Bridge from your etailer of choice and these kits are the most affordable and probably the most frequently selected. Itís fair to say that for the most-part there will be headroom to nudge the frequency/latencies up to improve performance and in turn Ė headroom to squeeze the most out of the kit but not everyone will be concerned with going to the trouble of establishing an overclock, tweaking in the BIOS and so on.

And this is where the Xtreem LV 2400MHz kit comes in. Straight out of the box there is a huge amount of bandwidth to be had. In our performance benchmarks this kit confirmed that a high frequency yields great results in a variety of purposes. Usually we would mark a kit down for having a troublesome overclock but since this kit isnít designed to be tweaked in such a way it would be unfair to do so. Team Group have already, as it were, overclocked this kit and established the best settings so you donít have to.

Priced at just over £100inc. VAT the Xtreem LV 2400MHz kit could seem quite a hike for some but bear in mind this kit is almost double the speed of the traditional 1600MHz kit which most seem to go with, you can understand why the price is what it is. If you want sheer bandwidth then itís a worthwhile investment.

The only thing I would mark this kit down with is the height of the heatsinks. If you think that Corsairís Vengeance are a tall order, the Xtreem LV kit is even taller. At 5.3cm in total height there could be compatibility issues with certain configurations Ė depending on the placement of memory/CPU socket and CPU cooler. Though the heatsinks on the Xtreem LV were touching the Alpenfohn K2 used on our test bench we were just about able to get everything installed.

Team Groupís Xtreem LV 2400MHz kit is a very fast kit. It pushes the boundaries for those using Sandy/Ivy Bridge and provides the best memory performance that money can buy. Xtreem LV comes highly recommended by Vortez and attains the prestigious Gold award.

+ Huge bandwidth
+ Fast out of the box
+ Stylish design
+ Lifetime warranty

- Tall heatsinks

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