Team Group Xtreem LV 8GB 2400MHz DDR3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-06-12
Packaging & Closer Look

Xtreem LV is presented in an eye-catching packet. The modules can clearly be seen through a transparent plastic cover and specifications are found on the front and back. unfortunately we have to get the knife/scissors out in order to get a closer look at the modules since the packet is sealed.

An attractive package

Taking the Xtreem LV modules out of their packaging we see that this kit sports some very large heatsinks and definitely has that aggressive visual appearance. The aluminium used for the heatsinks is very substantial quality here is exceptional. Underneath the heatsinks the PCB can only just be seen, it would have been nice to see a matching black PCB to finish the look off many brands are now bringing to market memory kits with black PCB to pair up with the sudden craze in dark motherboard design that seems to have hit the market.

Attractive heatsinks will compliment any system

Tall heatsinks extend above PCB

As is typical with memory the specifications label is fixed onto one side of the modules. This details the type of memory, frequency, capacity, model number and serial number. The kit we are looking at today is 2400MHz with CL-9-11-11-28 @ 1.65v.

The specifications label details different attributes

The total height for Xtreem LV is 5.3cm. The heatsinks add a further 2.3cm to the modules underneath. This could present some compatibility problems if you are using a large heatsink something which spans out over the DIMM slots on the motherboard.

Tall heatsinks add an extra 2.3cm to the modules

In the next section we will be testing the Xtreem LV kit in a range of benchmarks to determine performance.

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