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For once, it’s refreshing to encounter a product which hasn’t been tainted by the current RGB LED craze which has swept the computer hardware tech. market. And despite TEAMGROUP side-stepping this trend, some may be surprised to know, this DDR4 kit still offers solid performance!

Opting for a specific theme or colour will undoubtedly narrow the prospective purchase of any product and the same can be said of the Vulcan memory kit. The intention is quite obvious, TEAMGROUP has designed this kit to work in conjunction with ASUS TUF GAMING motherboards, and with those boards, this kit will pair up exceedingly well. However, unless the board and other components are neutral in their styling, this Vulcan kit could ruin the overall look.

Visual appearance aside, there is no denying that Vulcan offers rather good performance. TEAMGROUP has been in the business of supplying consumers with memory for over a decade – we’ve reviewed many of their kits over the years, and this one is another which is worthy of our praise.

In our overclocking phase, we weren’t able to reach the soaring heights of 4000MHz but we did settle at 3600MHz, which isn’t too bad for a 3200MHz kit. With an alteration to some variables we’re confident that 3800MHz is achievable.

The kit we’ve looked at today (16GB 3200MHz) arrives with a price-tag of UK: £170 US: $199. Having a quick look at the current pricing for this capacity/speed of memory puts the Vulcan kit into a very good spot in terms of value.

If you’re looking for reliability, solid performance and overclocking headroom then the Vulcan TUF DDR4 kit is a good option to go with. ASUS TUF motherboard owners have the added bonus of being able to uniquely match up their motherboard and RAM.

+ Stylish looking design
+ Great match for ASUS TUF Gaming motherboards
+ Low profile design
+ Good overall performance
+ Overclock reasonably well

- Styling may not pair up with some motherboards

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