TEAMGROUP T-Force Xcalibur RGB Review

👤by Vortez Reviews Comments 📅25-07-18

Product on Review: XCALIBUR RGB
Manufacturer: Team Group
Street Price: £218 GBP - $233 USD - $350 AUD

Once upon a time, the pivotal aspect to DRAM was the capacity, frequency and CAS timings, but in 2018, it’s all about that RGB. Yes, RGB is now in full-swing and DRAM manufacturers are tussling over who can be the brightest, eye-catching and vibrant. TEAM GROUP, who are relative newcomers to this market have been actively pushing RGB products – even unveiling the first RGB SSD.

So, in the spotlight today is, as you may have guessed another RGB LED-based product – Xcalibur RGB DDR4. This kit is available in “General Edition” and “Special Edition”. The difference being that the SE kit has a pattern and slightly different design. As well as a 120° ultra-wide angle and support for all of the major motherboard vendors RGB technologies, Xcalibur RGB is available in 16GB (8GBx2) and either 3600MHz or 4000MHz – so if you’re after fast memory, this kit does not shy away from high frequencies.

TEAMGROUP’s gaming brand T-FORCE has released an all-new, RGB memory module —T-FORCE XCALIBUR in 2018. It not only has the wide-angle glow of the DELTA R, the light guiding panel is embellished with unique totem designs while the TF (T-FORCE) logo is found on the heat spreaders. Gamers will love this all-new visual experience that is sure to be viewed as the perfection of RGB memory module.

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