Tesoro Excalibur Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-01-15
Software & Performance

Once you have installed the software drivers, the Excalibur supports 6KRO and NKRO, which can be changed on the fly if you wish by using the Fn button in conjunction with either the insert or delete key. This is actually quite handy as 6KRO may be more useful for typists, limiting the amount of simultainious inputs can help to reduce typos and errors, while NKRO will be more useful to gamers.

By mashing the keyboard its apparent you can input more keys than you have fingers and toes.

There are 5 customisable profiles available for you to be able to assign macro keys through the software provided by Tesoro. You can assign each individual key a command, such as a recorded action that you can then adjust the timing of, or repeat string of commands again, launching applications as well as being able to disable desired keys. Though basic, and a little slower to use than other software drivers, it gets the job done. Be aware that it doesn't scale too well with high resolution monitors however.

Attractive yet simple GUI


The keyboard has a fair amount of weight to it and feels sturdy and strong. The aesthetic is simple and would look great in most situations. Considering the price it is understandable that it is lacking in some features, though it's a shame that there are no finishing touches like a USB pass through or even a braided cable that could really set this keyboard apart from the rest.

The version we are testing has Blue switches, AKA clicky switches, being used to the MX Cherry Blue, I couldn't notice any real difference with the Kailh, except maybe a slightly different tone of click? Not that it matters, typing and gaming was great and didn't encounter any issue at all. Though I personally prefer black or brown switches I find no real issue with using blue for gaming and the sound isn't all that distracting, of course this will be a matter of what your preferences are. The LED backlighting is clear and bright and the zone lighting is pretty useful for gaming in the dark, especially if you use them in conjunction with the macros.

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