Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-05-17
Packaging & First Look

The front of the packaging is adorned in the black and violet commonly seen on Tesoro products. In the centre there is an image of the product, and along the bottom there is information about the benefits of using optical switches (durability, response time, hot swappable, and dust/spill proof).

The reverse side gives a breakdown of the layout of the keys and further information about the keyboard itself.

Tesoro didn't see any need to include any additional extras apart from the user guide and a handy sticker with all the Fn + commands. It is a shame that they didn't include a switch removal tool.

The Excalibur SE Spectrum hasn't changed much in appearance since its original inception. It has a relatively small frame and has a fairly discrete appearance. Notable changes are the white background to aid the RGB lighting, and a change of font.

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