Tesoro Gram XS Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-05-18

Product on Review: Tesoro Gram XS
Manufacturer: Tesoro
Street Price: $119.99

Tesoro may not be quite as well known as some of the bigger peripheral manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of some attention. A little over a year ago we looked at an optical key switch, developed by Tesoro, which was one of the first available on the market. It scored our Creative award and impressed the reviewer. Today we get another new switch, again developed by Tesoro.

Looking at the Tesoro Gram XS, a low profile, full-size keyboard featuring chiclet style keycaps with a low-profile mechanical switch. Not only that, the keyboard is also packed with a 32bit ARM Cortex CPU and 512KB of on-board memory to ensure keypresses are processed as quickly as possible for zero lag. Full N-Key and 6-key rollover options are included as well to ensure all keypresses are recorded.

The keyboard is available in black or white and can be optioned with either low-profile Blue or Red switches. The model in for testing today is black with Blue key switches.

Of course, this is 2018, so no gaming keyboard would be complete without RGB lighting. The Gram XS has fully customisable per-key backlighting which can be adjusted within the software.

Tesoro claims the board is perfect for those who work during the day and game at night, offering the best of both worlds. We’ll test out the typing capabilities of the keyboard and load up a few of our favourite titles and see how it performs.

Tesoro on the Gram XS:
The GRAM XS ultra slim mechanical keyboard brings together design and functionality in an ultra-slim body. A sleek and beautiful keyboard that will fit into the décor of your work and home space. The chiclet style keycaps with low-profile mechanical switch technology boasts reliability and high-level performance for the enthusiast. Perfect for those who value style and may be a worker by day but still be a gamer at heart.

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