Tesoro Kuven Gaming Headset review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-09-14
Packaging & Accessories

Aesthetic keeps in style with other products in their range.

The packaging is adorned with the purple/ grey colouring we have seen on Tesoro's other products, we get an image of a symbolic helmet as well as a large window displaying the product itself. There is also some information about the key features, including the 50mm drivers, noise cancelling microphone and the 7.1 virtual surround.

Supporting documents

Inside the packaging there is a quickstart quide and some information about Tesoro and their products. There will also be a driver disc included, however there was strangely none included with this sample, though drivers can be downloaded here.

Braided extension cable

Should the attached 1.2m long cable not be long enough, Tesoro include a 2m extension cable that is nicely braided and gold plated.

4 pole jack for use with your phone.

Tesoro also include a stereo/mic to 4pole adaptor should you with to use this headset with your mobile device, some may not imagine themselves using the Kuven as a mobile headset but at least you can.

Inline remote

The inline remote is simple yet effective, without being the overly large and cumbersome type. You get a volume dial and a mute mic switch.

USB adaptor

This is potentially one of the most interesting and important features of this product, a compact lightweight USB soundcard, giving you the choice to use the headset with your own sound card, or with the included USB audio processor.

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