Tesoro Kuven Gaming Headset review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-09-14
Closer Look

The Helm of Hades

Aluminium places at the side

For all the branding that matters, Tesoro get it all in here, the product name, the Tesoro name and the Angel and Devil faces on either side. The angled design look almost unorthodox yet add style and character. The internal packaging was covered in fibres that was difficult to dust off, as seen in this image, but they will dissipate with a little time.

Folded flat

Though it doesn't fold in on itself for compactness, it does have enough movement to fold flat.

Adjustable strap

The adjustable strap is reinforced with metal, adding to the robustness and stylish aesthetic of the product. On the headband there is plenty of thick padding to keep things soft on top.

The earcup

A tighter fit than some others but there is still enough room for a cosy lego man to relax on the thick, soft leatherette padding.

The microphone

The microphone is a semi flexible boom arm, which is slightly disappointing considering the semi modularity of this headset, it would have been nice to see a removable microphone because after a bit of wear, this type that is pushed up and down regularly, tends to end up falling permanently in the down position.

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