Tesoro Kuven Pro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅06-09-15
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Plug in the USB cable to your system and control box then plug the headset into the HDMI port on the control box, positioning things on your desk should be easy as there is generous cable length. Downloading and installing the driver was a little strange as I had a minor hiccup when trying to open the program via winRAR with a statement asking to update the archive, I clicked OK, once it was done installation went smoothly.

Moving to comfort, the Kuven is laterally fairly stiff but is wide enough so that once it is on your head, it gives a merely a faint squeeze, allowing the memory foam keeps things nice and comfortable. The build quality of the headset itself is quite robust, with only the edges on the headband looking like it may be the the weak link in how well it ages.

The control box is fairly sturdy but found that the dial has a little give around the edge, causing it to lack that solid, quality feeling though there was nothing to suggest that this would be a problem. The buttons are fairly clicky in a plasticky way and in the case of muting the microphone, sometimes I had to press a little harder than I expected to get it to register. Annoyingly, the Master volume is labelled 'Voice' on the control box, which initially suggests microphone sensitivity, but nope it appears to be the master volume.

After playing around with the volume levels for each channel (set them all to the same), I listened to various music tracks to which I am familiar, these are often a mix of various genres including electronic bassy music, acoustic, rock, metal, and general pop music. Initial thoughts were that, there is a lack of bass, though, it wasn't until I watched Big Hero 6 that I realised that there is no option for stereo up mixing, meaning, stereo sources will only be using the left/right driver, not all drivers available thus making the Kuven Pro less than optimal for music listening. However, from 5.1 sources, such as movies and games, the audio is crisp and clear providing an enjoyable experience.

The microphone is quite sensitive and does a good job picking up the voice (along everything else) so its worth turning the sensitivity down a little. Enabling the Voice Clarity within the software is advised as it does a great job eliminating static and hiss, while slightly curbing the level of background noise.

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