Tesoro Kuven Pro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅06-09-15

Product on Review: Tesoro Kuven Pro 5.1
Manufacturer: Tesoro
Street Price: UK: 89.99 US: $99.99

Headsets with multichannel audio rendering are popular with many people for various reasons. This could be due to their promise of heightened spatial awareness/directional audio or perhaps due to various other reasons which can all be added to the list in the good quality stereo headset VS real surround headset debate, but the end game is, there is a market for them. So it's not surprising to see various manufacturers offering a 'real 5.1 surround headset' as part of their range. This is what it seems Tesoro have done, by taking their Kuven v7.1, which is a solid stereo headset, and offer it as a real 5.1 surround alternative in the form of the Kuven Pro.

It features attractive violet lighting and four drivers in each ear cup (40mm subwoofer, 3x 30mm Front/Rear/Centre). Included with the Kuven Pro is a control box/amplifier to which the headset connects via HDMI, this control box allows individual volume adjustments for each channel as well as the ability to mute the volume and microphone.

Overview by Tesoro
Kuven Pro is a true 5.1 / virtual 7.1 advanced gaming headset. Each cup is equipped with 4 drivers providing for pinpoint sound positioning. Every sound channel is adjusted via a convenient tabletop controller with a rotatory knob.

Kuven Pro inherits its design and ergonomics from the award-winning Kuven 7.1 headset. Its soft real leather cushions, large cups and the new LED illumination make Kuven Pro the best choice for any gamer.

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