Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-09-15

The Tesoro Lobera Spectrum comes at quite a surprise, its high quality finish and sleek aesthetics make it a great contender for any gamer looking for that next level of customisation. As it is available in many different types of Kailh switches, your experience and preferences may vary, though reliability is ensured. The lighting is bold and vivid so any gamer that is set on customising their controls, lighting and macros will appreciate what Tesoro have offered for significantly less than what the competing RGB mechanical keyboards cost.

Despite these things, we really hoped that Tesoro would be able to improve upon previous findings, specifically with the software. Due to being a little laggy and unintuitive, it was quite difficult to work out how to customise the lighting on individual keys (as it only works in the Spectrum colour mode, which wasn't stated anywhere) and then the process is slow and tedious with having to constantly click apply-exit with each step taken. Though it does deliver all features stated, the lack of improvement in the software department dulls the Lobera Spectrums shine a little, especially when compared to the Chroma configurator from Razer.

To further criticise the Lobera, plastic remains plastic and leaves a desire which isn't quite satisfied, especially after witnessing the sexy Tt eSport Poseidon Z Forged. The brushed plastic appearance does look attractive, but it merely teases the possibility of some kinda sleek, black aluminium keyboard with customisable 16.8M colour backlighting. This is more a minor oversight at best, but there will be some that share these thoughts.

To round up our impressions on the Lobera Spectrum, nothing can deny that it is a well priced, highly customisable mechanical gaming keyboard. It is well made, looks attractive and offers solid, reliable performance. There are other features such as the USB and audio passthrough which people will find useful, and the on-board memory will allow you to save 5 profiles so you to have your customisations on the go when you find yourself in a plug and play situation. For these reasons the Lobera Spectrum is worthy of praise and is highly recommended.

The highly customisable Tesoro Lobera Spectrum will give gamers the edge they need to take full advantage of their games and system.

+ Per-Key Customisable illumination
+ Onboard memory for 5 profiles
+ Attractive design
+ USB and audio passthrough
+ Available with various switches (Red, Brown, Blue, Black)
+ Full NKRO or 6KRO
+ Price

- Software is a pain
- Shame it's not a real brushed aluminium top plate

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