Tesoro Tuned Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-17

Product on Review: Tesoro Tuned
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Tesoro
Street Price: US: $34.99

Tesoro have steadily expanded their range of products since our last outing with their products. This time, we take a look at a portable in-ear headset aptly named 'Tuned'. In-ear headsets have become an important part of every day life for many people as portable devices intrude ever-more into every aspect of our lives, and so having a competent solution that can draw attention is an understandable move.

'Tuned' features 9.2mm drivers in a solid metal enclosure designed in an intuitive design to help you grasp the right earbud for the correct ear. The cables are flat, tangle-free type, and features an in-line remote/microphone for voice transmission. Inside the box, Tesoro also include an audio/microphone splitter for improved versatility along with a carry case for convenience.

Overview by Tesoro
Experience convenience at home or on-the-go with magnetic storage headphones, a flat, tangle-free cable design and in-line mic, audio and voice controls. Never fumble getting the earbuds in the correct ear with an intuitive design that identifies which ear when simply holding the earbuds.

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