Tesoro Tuned Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-17
Performance Testing
Setup, Design & Observations
The primary adaptor fitted to 'Tuned' is the 3.5mm 4pole jack, which will be compatible with almost all portable devices. For use with a PC, you can use the included splitter cable.

The cable is very bouncy and does a good job not getting itself tangled up, when combined with the magnetic earbuds, it really does help to keep things tidy, and accessible. Using the right sized earbud cushions for your ear (it includes small, medium and large sizes) you will find that the intuitive grip really does reduce your time fumbling around trying to identify which earbud is for which ear.

The chambers themselves are very well made and have a relative heft to them as they are constructed from solid metal, not to mention feature a rather strong magnet. Though this doesn't detract from their relatively average comfort for this kind of product, it would rule them out for sports usage.

The inline remote felt a little squishy and unintuitive as at first I was unable to identify the central press, but for those accustomed to using in-ear headsets may find it more understandable.

The Tuned headset on first hearing gives clear mids and glassy highs, but falls short of presenting any bass what-so-ever. If people prefer a lower bass reflex, and enjoy acoustic music, or every day casual listening such as Podcasts, these will do great. Though for real music listening, the disappointingly weak bass seriously hinders any real enjoyment.

This continues into gaming via the PC, though they did provide surprisingly good spatial awareness, and acute note to footsteps in CS:GO.

The microphone via mobile device has a limited pickup and so you will need to ensure that it is positioned close to your mouth while speaking. On doing this, it provided clear, good quality voice transmission. Though via the PC using VOIP/Skype, the voice sounded rather muted and low quality though this is to be expected from a discrete in-line microphone.

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