Tesoro Tuned Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-17
Tesoro have shown us a hunger to provide top quality products at competitive prices and the 'Tuned' headset displays some of that spark. It is compatible across various devices and has the key features people will always look out for in a portable audio solution.

However, in testing, little is left to be admired and an audio product such as this can't run on the premise of good quality construction, and is shipped with a good quality carry case as standard. The design itself, though includes some intuitive considerations, is fairly dull, and the comfort does little to stand out from the swathes of like minded products. The audio quality is arguably good, but incomplete as it has a severe lack of bass. Those that prefer this tonal bias may actually find that the Tesoro Tuned is ideal for them and their uses, but for many it will be seen as a huge loss. For this price point there are too many good alternatives to be able to outright recommend this product.

The Tesoro Tuned is a well-made in-ear headset that may provide some with the features they prefer from their audio solution.

+ Well made
+ Clear audio
+ Magnetic - for easy storage
+ Included 4 pole splitter cable for use with PC
+ Included carry case
+ In-line remote/microphone

- Almost non-existent bass
- A little heavy
- Price

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