Thecus N5550 Review

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Packaging & Bundle

The N5550 comes presented in glossy black box, with many eye catching pictures and logos. The logos illustrate the features and software that comes bundled with the NAS. On the front of the box is a picture of the N5550 in operation while to the left of this, we have a spherical and colourful illustration. The rear is exactly the same layout and content as the front.

At the sides, we have more in depth pictures displaying the numerous functions the N5550 which includes cloud access, which allows you to upload your data to an online storage facility in case of failure.

Another great feature of the packaging is the carry handle made from hard wearing and durable plastic. The NAS itself is heavy so it’s a very attractive feature albeit a small one.

Bundled with the N5500 we have all the accessories out of the box required to plug in and play. Included is the operating manual, warranty information card, the screws required to fix the HDDs into the NAS, keys to lock and unlock the NAS bay draws to keep your HDDs in securely to avoid theft or accidently sliding out. We also have the traditional UK kettle lead for power and of course a RJ45 cable to connect the NAS to your chosen device.

Software wise the N5550 comes with Twonky Media v6.0.34 (server edition), Acronis True Image 2010 and a Universal CD. Also included is a HDD compatibility list card so right out of the box, you can check if your HDDs are compatible with the N5550. Something simple but something ever so useful!

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