Thecus N5550 Review

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Closer Look

The N5550 itself is a very good looking piece of hardware which is presented in an all-black casing. With the door closed it looks very neat and tidy and would fit in with the majority of hardware on the market especially if you have a black decor. The casing itself is made from metal and as you can see from the side, there is ventilation holes to allow airflow to keep the internals nice and cool. No plastic here and for the price, we are glad.

As we open the door, we are presented with 5 bays, each equipped with locking draw mechanisms. On the bottom there is a power button and a reset button which allows you to reboot the NAS.

To access the drive bays you need to unlock them with the keys provided. There are 4 keys, all universal to each drive bay so if you lose one, you have 3 to rely on. Lose all 4 then you might have to get in-contact with Thecus.

On the rear of the N5550, we have numerous connections such as VGA ports which consist of 1 x HDMI and 1 x D-Sub connection. There are also audio inputs and 2 x Ethernet ports, along with 4 x USB2.0 host ports and also includes plenty of ventilation openings to allow sufficient airflow. As we can see there are 3 thumb screws in total which allow us to open the N5550 open and take a look inside.

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