Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-10-12
Closer Look

Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme is gargantuan even without its cooling fans. Casting a first look over the heatsink reveals a cooler unlike any seen before. It features a stacked double-fin design. The fins follow an arrow design which in turn allows cool air to pass through the heatsink and draw heat away from the unit effectively.

Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme has the ability to accommodate 140/150mm cooling fans and there are enough fan clips to fit three such cooling fans.

Below you can see the profile of the fins and how they stack next to one another.

An overview of Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme heatsink

Profile of arrow fins

A side view of the heatsink

In keeping with other high-end CPU coolers the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme uses 8 x heatpipes. These 8x heatpipes are 6mm thick and are nickel plated.

At the top of the heatsink these heatpipes have thick metal caps which finish the product off very nicely something which was present on the original Silver Arrow too.

The baseplate on the heatink is pure copper with nickel plating. The top is completely flat with a dull finish whilst the underside which comes into direct contact with the CPU has a mirror-finish and reflects anything in front of it.

An aerial view of Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme

The top of the baseplate

8 heatpipes and a pure copper, nickel plated, reflective baseplate

In order to attach the cooling fans the provided fan clips must be attached. Attaching the clips to fan/heatsink is a tricky procedure and one that requires lots of patience and carefulness.

Attaching cooling fans can be tedious

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