Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-10-12
Installation Process

In order to demonstrate the installation process for Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme we are installing the cooler on the Intel LGA2011 socket.

The first step is to apply 4x thumbscrews to the mounting holes on the front of the LGA2011 mounting plate. Once these screws are attached the large bracket must be placed over the top of these screws. This bracket acts as a stabilising platform and allows the cooler to be attached in a variety of different orientations. The thumbscrews installed during the first step have a thread on the topside and this is how the bracket securely attaches itself – a further 4x screws need to be applied. Lastly thermal paste should be applied to the CPU and the heatsink placed on top – to secure the heatsink down a plate slides over the top of the heatsink and 2x screws need to be applied. Getting this plate to stay in its correct position and screw each side down is extremely tedious. It’s recommended to have assistance if possible and to tighten one screw slightly whilst tightening the other in order to apply even tension. Pre-applied screws with retention coils would have been a much better method for this application.

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