Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-05-11

Product on Review: Chaser MK-I VN300M1W2N
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Thermaltake
Street Price: £80-90 inc. VAT (At time of review)

It was back in March that we first encountered Thermaltake’s Chaser MK-I at the largest IT trade fair in Europe – CeBIT 2011. Thermaltake had big prescence at CeBIT, showing off plenty of exciting new products to end users. The Chaser MK-I was one such product that had plenty of attention, and rightly so - boasting support for multi-GPU, tall CPU coolers and an assortment of different sized water-cooling radiators. Its looks will surely divide, but how well executed are the features?

Thermaltake have been designing cases since 1999 and have provided the market with some interesting products over the years. Their chassis series range alludes to this. The Chaser MK-I we will be taking a look at today features within the new Galaxy Episode series and is the first case to enter this new category. On paper, it seems that Thermaltake have thought about every possible option with the Chaser MK-I. It has countless features to supply the new-age gamer with the capabilities they need to house the best hardware on the market to date. I've been looking forward to getting this case in review, so lets waste no further time and begin our analysis...

Thermaltakes take on Chaser MK-I
The Galaxy Episode Chaser MK-I is clearly one of its kind. ColorShift LED fans and the breathing logo on the front top lend it battlefield fierce looks. An oversized interior gives users room for aggressive upgrades of this XB ATX Tower (extra big). Highly advanced ventilation, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports can be directly connected to the motherboard. Ready for any galactic combat.

Technical Specifications

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