Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-12-17
Benchmarks - Thermal Results
We have recently made changes to our cooling department and the associated testing methodology, so please note that the number of results shown below will increase over time as we add additional products. We hope that these results will appear clearer to the majority of our readership and look forward to building upon the baselines that you see below.

We found that idle temperatures at the stock clock of 3.8GHz on the 3930K was almost rivalling the esteemed Kraken X62, a very well regarded all-in-one CPU cooler from NZXT. We thought the extra surface area from the 280mm radiator would help keep the Thermaltake at bay. It turns out there’s very little in it.

Overclocking the CPU raised the idle temperature somewhat, despite the software raising the fan speed. This is purely due to the additional voltage required by the CPU to maintain higher clock speeds. The NZXT is beginning to show its prowess at this point.

To test load temperatures, we fire up the AIDA 64 Stress Test, used to push a CPU as hard as possible, using all 12 threads, the cache and the vast majority of the “uncore” within the chip.

As you can see, the Thermaltake has topped our charts in this sector by ramping up fan speeds. We were surprised to see this beating the NZXT by such a margin, especially with the overclock, however the following page may explain this result by showing the acoustics of the relevant temperatures.

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