Thermaltake NiC C5 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-07-13

The CPU cooler sector is a very competitive one indeed but there are a group of coolers which have gained prominence in the last 18 months – has Thermaltake done enough to steal some of the spotlight?

Thermaltake have addressed a key issue which many enthusiasts are concerned with – memory clearance. The new NiC C5 does not overhang any of the memory slots on the motherboard and as a result means that a memory kit of any height can be used in conjunction with this cooler. This is great, because it removes any such limitations – low profile memory kits are mandatory for many other CPU coolers which overhang the slots.

In all our performance tests we found the NiC C5 to be a great CPU cooler. We tested both extremes of low and high settings on the fan controller but since this controller has a variable knob and not a two-switch state, we are able to tweak the fan speed accordingly, finding the balance between noise and performance. In between the low and high results on the preceding pages are some well-established rivals, so C5 is certainly a capable offering.

The only niggle with C5 is noise levels. With the fans running at high, pushing to 2000RPM, the noise levels are somewhat disruptive. Though this can be altered as previous mentioned since the knob is variable.

Priced at around the £50 mark, the NiC C5 is a good value for money choice for anyone wanting a decent CPU cooler which has flexibility for fan speed and total memory clearance.

Thermaltake’s NiC C5 performed well in all our tests, rivalling even some of the better known CPU coolers many rely upon, furthermore key features like the variable fan controller and complete memory clearance will be certain to help Thermaltake steal the spotlight. We are pleased to award the C5 our silver award.

+ Good thermal performance results
+ Great build quality
+ Fan control with variable knob
+ No memory clearance problems
+ Easy to install
+ Good mounting system

- Fans are noisy with “high” setting

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