Thermaltake Riing Duo 12 Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅28-08-19

Product on Review: Thermaltake Riing Duo 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Street Price: GBP £89.99 / USD $99.99 / AUS $149.99

Thermaltake are well-respected within the PC Watercooling community, known for their high performance and good value for money approach to enthusiast PC cooling systems. Today we look at their brand new 120mm RGB radiator fans, the, get ready for this, Thermaltake Riing Duo 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition Triple Pack; possibly the longest product name we’ve reviewed yet, for the sake of not having to type that out 15 to 20 times in this review, we’ll refer to them as the Riing Duo 12 from now on.

What sets apart the Riing Duo 12 from theRiing Trio 12? Well, firstly the price is lower, which is always a bonus, but mostly it’s fewer LEDs placed strategically within the fan’s chassis.

What does remain the same, however, is the ability to customise the RGB lighting via Amazon Alexa, mobile phone application (for iOS & Android) and a Razer Chroma plugin for Synapse 3.0. Thermaltake also provide an RGB and PWM controller in the hope of making your Riing Duo 12 fans that little bit easier to set up.

The Riing Duo 12 is designed for a high static pressure output, suitable for tightly-packed cooling radiators or cases where air vents aren’t optimally located or wide enough for easy airflow. Hydraulic self-lubricating bearings within the central hub of each fan lower noise output while increasing efficiency for a quieter system and longer lifespan.

Let’s throw the fans into our system and see how they do in a very tough marketplace.

Thermaltake on the Riing Duo 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition:
Thermaltake Riing Duo 12 RGB Radiator Fan has two individual addressable 16.8 million RGB colours LED rings with 18 patented LEDs in total and supports TT RGB PLUS software, Amazon Alexa Voice Service, and Razer Chroma software. The 120mm high-static pressure fan is PWM controlled and features long-life hydraulic bearing and compression fan blade design, delivering remarkable cooling performance without sacrificing quiet operation. Riing Duo is economical yet efficient and gorgeous!

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