Thermaltake Urban S71 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅29-04-13

So far we’ve been impressed with the Urban Series. This is Thermaltake out of their comfort zone and with the S21 we have already seen the lower-end covered but what about the higher-end?

S71 is a full-tower computer chassis that is pleasing to the eye thanks to its smooth and discreet styling. Delving inside, we are pleased with how Thermaltake have furnished the chassis in terms of features and quality. Within, this case can accommodate big CPU coolers, long graphics cards, numerous HDDs and good cable management.

This higher-end model within the series comes with foam padding to assist with improved noise damping and a handy fan controller allowing two-speed operation. On ‘low’ speed we found the cooling fans to be bearable and only just audible but when the ‘high’ setting is used the noise levels increase somewhat to make things distracting.

Priced at £95 /$149 the Urban S71 is going to find it difficult to contend with a number of already prolific silent cases but from our experience with the case, we can confirm that this is a great start into the silent case sector for Thermaltake.

The Urban S71 is a great first attempt by Thermaltake into the high-end silent case category. It comes with plenty of features and is both pleasing to the eye and constructed well.


+ Pleasing to the eye
+ Good quality
+ Can accommodate lots of hardware
+ Good cable management
+ Fan controller

- No anti-vibration for PSU
- Regarded as noisy on “high”

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