Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200W PSU Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-12-11
Closer Look

Removing the PSU out of its sleeve we can finally check out the aesthetics. Thunderbolt Plus 1200W has a black exterior the Thunderbolt graphics have been placed on either side of the unit so that whichever way you have the PSU installed in your case the writing will be facing the correct way.

An overview of Thunderbolt Plus

Thortech have equipped the Thunderbolt Plus with a 135mm fan. We will take a closer look at this in the next section. There is a circular honey-comb grille cover the outer region of the fan with the Thortech badge clearly visible.

135mm dual ball bearing fan

As with other PSUs the Thunderbolt Plus has a specifications label detailing maximum outputs and ampage for each of the rails within the unit. Due to this particular version being 1200W there is up to 100A available for the +12v rail meaning there is sufficient juice for multiple graphics card configurations.

Specifications label for Thunderbolt Plus 1200W

Being a modular PSU, Thunderbolt Plus has a modular panel that has 4 slots for dedicated +12v PCI-E cables (yellow) and another 4 for peripheral devices (black) such as HDDs, optical drives and other items.

Modular panel on Thunderbolt Plus

Whilst the Thunderbolt Plus does have its modular capabilities, it also has a collection of cables that are hard-wired into the unit itself. These include the following:

Motherboard 24-pin
CPU 8-pin
CPU 4+4-pn
SATA 4x connectors
PCI-E 2.0 4x 6+2-pin

Group of hard-wired cables into Thunderbolt Plus

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